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for you at this hour -- three kurdish activists have been found shot dead in paris. >> ireland says the eu must reach a decision on easing its debt burden. >> the world's first museum exhibition dedicated specifically to u.s. film director martin scorsese is opening in berlin. >> three women kurdish activists have been shot dead in paris. one of the victims includes a co-founder of the militant nationalist pkk. the women were shot in the kurdish information center in paris. >> no motive has yet been established. the killings, one day after turkish leaders report they agreed on a draft agreement that could lead to the rebel movement laying down its weapons. kurdish information center in paris. the victims were three women last in a live in the building on wednesday afternoon and found dead there early thursday. the french interior minister visited the crime scene and spoke of an execution. french president francois hollande said he was shaken. >> it is horrible. there were three of them, one of whom i knew personally. >> the turkish prime minister asked for patience. >> these killings might
. there was a hearing. mr. murphy came to the hearing for the variance. it was postponed. mr. murphy left for ireland for the summer. as far as we know our consultant was working with planning staff. he was not in contact with me or mr. murphy. a hearing got scheduled, i wasn't notified about the hearing. normally i'm the applicant and i get a call or letter telling me to go down and pick up the poster and bring it out to the site. and that has happened in every case. in this case it didn't happen. my understanding is that a letter was sent to mr. murphy's house. mr. murphy wasn't home during the summer. he was in ireland with his family. the variance was denied based on us not being there. i got a letter in late august. i called mr. murphy, unfortunately there was a family tragedy at the time i called. my client, mr. murphy it's father-in-law had gotten very ill and proceeded to die. when i called helmet, he was in the process of making arrangements to have the deceased brought back to the united states and to be buried. so it was a series of errors, partly on our fault, on our consultant's fault f
in this experience when i went to ireland for the first time in january of 2007. i was actually lucky enough to find a man in his late 80's who lived in the same area that my family had lived in the 1800's who had been the oral historyian for the area and was able to know that my family had been there and i was able to confirm that with actually in the records, in the library. and so i will read a couple of pages. seems like the right time to introduce this. >> where we from in require land, mom? she replay plied. my father says the lacies are from tip rare the name of a city in require land, mom, which is it? is how the hell do i know. all i know is it's a long way to tib rary ♪it's a long way to go. then she told me, your father and i went to ireland but we didn't go to tibrare. this is the extent of the family history passed on to me about my irish american ancestory a song written in england in world war one perhaps written as a means to recruit the irish into the british military. i am the first person in my family to locate and travel to the town where we came from in ireland. it turns out
news. >> wendy: coming up, the nation of ireland still protects babies in the womb, and now that could change. >> wendy: welcome back. in the republic of ireland, abortion is against the law. now that could change. recently the government announced that it will allow abortion in cases where the mother's life is at risk, including if she says she is suicidal. pro-lifers are rallying to defeat the measure. earlier, i spoke with dr. sean o'donelle. he said it would be the first step in allowing widespread abortion in ireland. how will that open the door to abortion on demand in ireland? >> well, in 1966, in britain, most abortions were carried out to save the life or the health of the mother. the 1967 abortion act brought in the whole mental health side of things. by 1968, the year i was born, the proportion of abortions for mental health was over 95%. so it's the easy one. you go into a doctor and you say, you know, i'm pregnant. and i feel depressed or suicidal as a result of this. and basically they rubber stamp a card and off you go. >> wendy: how strong is the public support for your
countries: ireland, then portugal, now spain and cyprus, and reaching italy, uh, and has mutated from a strictly sovereign-debt government crisis to a banking crisis and sort of sectoral crisis. >> the origins of the european debt crisis are multiple. the approximate cause was the fact that many countries recently have had a large increase in budget deficits and there's lots of public debt to levels that are unsustainable. in some countries this was due to bad fiscal behavior, too much spending, too little taxes like in greece, but in other parts of the eurozone, like spain or ireland, the problem was that there was a bubble in real estate and housing. when the bubble burst, the countries went into a recession. when there is a recession your deficit increase, then you have to bail out banks, financial institutions, and the private losses get socialized. it happened in the u.s. and then you have a surge of public debt. >> these bubbles, either in government spending or in the banks or in the property sector, were essentially fueled by what tends to always drive crises in human history,
in schools. and ireland -- why deserters had to wait decades to be pardoned. eu leaders met to discuss how much solidarity they were prepared to show with the weakest members of the eurozone. in the end, the you chose not to abandon them, but greece continues to have to make drastic cuts, leaving marks that are visible throughout the country, including a long one of the world's most famous routes -- along one of the world's most famous routes. ♪ >> at precisely 42,195 meters long, this is the route that has become the standard for all marathon runners. the course was inspired by a 2500-year old myth, only today it is run on asphalt along with the capital's main roads. this is the bay where it said the legendary battle took place in 490 bc. it marked the first greek victory over the persians. according to legend, the athenian warriors gathered in a phalanx formation and managed to fight off a persian invasion. then a messenger ran the 42- kilometer distance to athens with news of the victory. at the local museum, the marathon's legacy is omnipresent. more modern-day hellenistic heroes hav
are among 16 killed in the u.s. drone strikes in pakistan. loyalists battled riot police in northern ireland in a dispute over the british union flag. the egyptian president shuffles the cabinet of the country faces economic turmoil. this is the first time president assad has offered a comprehensive plan to end the conflict in syria. the crowds chanted "we will defend you" as he entered. adjusted a conference of reconciliation -- he suggested a conference of reconciliation and a new constitution. >> this is what is going to preserve syria in the future and its politics and economics. in order to agree on new laws to protect and run the parties. we will have a referendum. thirdly, we have an expanded government which carries out the national charter. fourthly, we will put it to the people in the conference of dialogue to agree to the laws, including a loss for election. anything to do with the constitution and law, people can say in the conference of dialogue if the government can carry out whatever is agreed on. a new government to be set up in accordance with the constitution. also, we have
in northern ireland, and to create stability. i am sure that the prime minister will agree that full participation in and support for the political and democratic process by everyone, so that the politicians can address the people's issues, is absolutely vital. in that context, and in the light of what is happening in northern ireland, will the prime minister agree to meet us to discuss the forthcoming legislation on northern ireland, so that we can consider measures to increase democratic participation by people in deprived communities, look at the deplorable state of the electoral register in northern ireland, which is in a bad state, and deal with the discrimination against elected members of this house from northern ireland who play by the rules while others get money without taking their seats? all of that needs to be addressed. >> i would be happy to meet the right honorable gentleman. indeed, i have a meeting with a number of members of his party straight after prime minister's questions to discuss the vital issue of ensuring that the military covenant is properly fulfilled in
day. >> it is still 2012 in ireland, but they are set to take over the presidency of the european union. it changes every six months and it has been held by cyprus since july. ireland, since the bailout, they have won praise for their austerity measures. nearly half of what was spent when ireland last held the ball in 1940. switching gears to formula one. >> the german driver has been on a nonstop promotional blitz since being crowned the august for the crown champion. >> he has taken some time off to reflect on his latest achievement. >> finally, a formula one world champion is getting some much deserved a rest and recuperation. he is taking stock of what was a very turbulent and, at times, emotional season. and all came down to a certain strength. >> it is such a long season to start with. a difficult start, everything that could happen happened. everything that could go wrong did. i said we have to keep pushing and fighting until the end. if we do that, from deep inside us until the end, we cannot fail. >> the champion took an extended victory tour wowing fans across europe, bu
in germany were part of a series of abuse charges that also shook the catholic church in ireland, belgium, and the netherlands, and force pope benedict to issue a public apology. german church officials say they are looking for another specialist to continue the study. >> the first regulation surfaced in early 2010. a catholic high school in berlin acknowledged that educators had abused students in the 1970's and 1980's. information about cases in other catholic institutions soon emerged. the church responded by hiring a respected investigator to document the full extent of the abuse. initially, a german church diocese offered cooperation, but that support soon faded. >> first, there was resistance in munich. then in rig it's a bird. it became clear they wanted more control for the church. >> the investigator accuses the church of censorship,laing that officials want to contro th sdy's the chuh has spoken only of a brchf trt with the investigator. it says itl lo for a replacement to continue the project. >> the diocese has already -- always been ready to help with this kind of project. we
town. shots are fired as rioters confront police in northern ireland and making the desert grow, technology helping israeli farmers turn saltwater into harvest gold. thank you for joining us. venezuela has re-elected diosdado cabello. some opposition politicians say power should pass to cabello if chavez is too ill to take the oath of office. ministers remain adamant machavez will not be replaced. >> this is clear leadership by chavez who is so responsible, we've studied the worst-case scenarios. we have a president who has been elected from 2013 to 2019 and has been re-elected and that term will be fulfilled. >> the vice president insists the supreme court can swear in chavez at a later date. >> already on the 10th of january, the new constitutional period begins and he continues his functions and he can take the oath of office as stipulated in the constitution. >> let's go live to caracas and speak to our correspondent. there is now a re-elected leader of the national assembly but a lot of uncertainty over chavez's health. what else has happened there today? what have you seen
in northern pakistan. tension over the indian flag continues in northern ireland as streets prepare for more protests. and as orthodox christians celebrate christmas, we speak to the egyptian pope. the international community has been quick to condemn syrian president bashar al assad's plan for peace in war-torn countries. the first speech called "beyond hypocritical." addressing supporters, described the opposition as terrorists and slaves of foreign power. he went on to support the national dialogue to end the 21-no conflict. assad these talks could create a national charter on syria's future, which he put to a referendum. while the opposition dismissed the proposals saying they're aimed at wrecking current diplomatic efforts. we frort amman's neighboring jordan. in an opera house in central damascus, packed with cheering supporters, the syrian president gave his first speech since june last year. he did not reveal any breakthrough to end the conflict but said every syrian had an ethical duty to fight rebels he linked with al qaeda. >> they are terrorists who follow al qaeda's philosophy.
church in ireland, belgium, and the netherlands, and force pope benedict to issue a public apology. german church officials say they are looking for another specialist to continue the study. >> the first regulation surfaced in early 2010. a catholic high school in berlin acknowledged that educators had abused students in the 1970's and 1980's. information about cases in other catholic institutions soon emerged. the church responded by hiring a respected investigator to document the full extent of the abuse. initially, a german church diocese offered cooperation, but that support soon faded. >> first, there was resistance in munich. then in rig it's a bird. it became clear they wanted more control for the church. >> the investigator accuses the church of censorship, claiming that officials want to control the study's findings. the church has spoken only of a breach of trust with the investigator. it says it will look for a replacement to continue the project. >> the diocese has already -- always been ready to help with this kind of project. we have said we are prepared to cooperate.
, if that's your impression, you should talk it through with papa. i can never go back to ireland? that's impossible. if you do, you'll be put in prison. it's the best i could manage. cora: surely they need proof to ban a man from his own country. they have more proof than tom will concede. sybil: is that fair? he's admitted to being there. he's told you so himself. but he did not tell me that he attended dublin meetings where the attacks on the anglo-irish were planned. i was always against any personal violence. i swear it. oh, so at least we can sleep in our beds. maybe, but you were not against the violent destruction of property. i've told you, the sight of it was worse than i expected. so what was the deal you managed to extract from the home secretary? they don't want to make a martyr of him. and with sybil they think they could have another maud gonne on their hands or lady gregory or worse if they're not careful. lady gregory countess markievicz-- why are the irish rebels so well born? whatever the reason, i don't want lady sybil branson to join their rank
than ever in northern ireland that we continue moving forward away from violence and create stability and i am sure the prime minister will agree to me that food participation and support for the political and democratic process by everybody so people's issues can be addressed and politicians address those issues are absolutely vital. in the context of what is happening will prime minister agreed to meet with us to discuss the forthcoming legislation in northern ireland so we can look at measures that increase democratic participation by people in the communities, look at the a lot borrow register in northern ireland which -- deal with discrimination against elected members of the house of northern ireland to flavor the rules while others get money while not taking their seats. all of that needs to be addressed to meet when -- >> i have a meeting with a number of parties straight after prime minister's questions to talk about how to make sure the military covenanters properly fulfilled in northern ireland. make a number of points. i would throw back part of the challenge to him and hi
as of the eurozone and what effect that is having on investment in northern ireland? >> mr. speaker, there is ongoing negotiations for for the possible reductions of corporation tax in northern ireland but one of the biggest things is the northern ireland assembly can do it and the uk ministers can do is to bring people to northern ireland to see the great success story that has taken place there. only last week the seven leading japanese businesses in the uk came to northern ireland and were enormously impressed at the movement and progress we've made in northern ireland. >> border. question for the prime minister. >> question number one, mr. speaker. >> thank you, mr. speaker. mr. speaker, mr. speaker, before answering the honorable gentleman's question onto the whole house will wish to join in paying tribute to kingsman david robert shaw, first battalion duke of lancaster's regiment. he died in the queen elizabeth hospital birmingham last wednesday as result of wounds he sustained in afghanistan. he gave his life for the safety of the british people and is incredibly brave contribution must never
the love and support anm the community. th reporter: patrick ireland was om when he was shot. he became known as "the boy in landwindow." it took him three hours to get where. he crawled past dead classmates, despite gunshot wounds to his head and leg that left him ledtially paralyzed. >> there were a number of times deere i was just passing in and out of consciousness and wondering, you know, what was berng to happen next, if the gunmen would come back in. t> reporter: the library where he and other students were shot was torn down. applause ) ibur months passed before columbine students returned to their school. they turned it into a celebration. ireland was there. how important was that moment for you going back to that school? >> it was very important to be ce able to kind of regain control. for it was almost symbolic of, hey, this is one of the ways that i'm not going to let evil win. >> reporter: it was hard to trust people again? evi think being able to overcome an event like that, move on, there has to be some level of trust that you still put in people and in the human tirit. >
beneficial change their reform message. political leaders in northern ireland have warned of consequences unless a peaceful solution has been reached. the decision to stop flying the flag has been raised in unionists and led to clashes. there was more unrest as our island course on a report. >> these are their protesters refused to stop. they have no faith in politicians. they prefer street politics. they believe the peace process has made northern ireland less british and the recent removal of the union flag was the final straw. >> we have had enough. it is time for action. >> enough of what? >> it cannot walk anywhere and cannot do this or that. scrapped a good faith agreement and start again because it is not going to work and we're not going to settle for it. >> the protests began 36 days ago. there will not be any protests. we're being found [inaudible] we want to represent our flag and i have taken it down. >> some demonstrations have been peaceful and others have not. the police say loyalist paramilitary have been orchestrating some trouble. >> the organization still have the clout
, but just a comment to say thanks to the city's innovation office. we're a small company from ireland called building i. we take permit data from cities and show it to anyone who wants to see it. we started off in ireland, discovered the san francisco data and came over here and now we've got an office up and running here with san francisco data. so, it's great to be able to do that. just one note of caution of how do you prevent kind of third-party data integrators from owning that data. i think jay was talking about it earlier on. it's just a note of caution for you guys. >> how do we prevent vendors from holding the data? >> yes. >> we're still working on this piece with our legal department. we're looking to do and this is very exploratory right now, really looking at the contracting process itself and how we can use that as a mechanism. basically we want to do business with you if you're willing to share your data. as jay mentioned we don't want to be held hostage. we don't want our data to be held hostage to the companies. as we figure this out, we'll continue going about it and provid
't going to work," he said. "i even put you together with some footage of daniel." daniel was in ireland, and it was -- he was new to his process of really becoming lincoln. he was brand new. so steven couldn't, didn't feel he had the right to invade that, and he was in ireland. we're in los angeles. it made complete sense, so he tried to put me together, put some recent footage of daniel with me. he just said, "it just isn't going to work. i'm so sorry." i just thanked him. i had done what i needed to do, and i was so grateful for how generous he was to me. hung up the phone and tried to get through the day, and the good news is i didn't kill myself that day, because the next day steven called again as i'm headed out to work and said he couldn't get it off of his mind. that he'd thought about it and thought about it and thought about it, and that he was tormented, and he walked around the lot for hours, just really thinking about it, and then he talked to daniel. he said he'd sent the footage to daniel, and i said, "oh, sweet jesus. oh, no. oh, no. you didn't." he said, "no, no, no, wai
a long recovery for at least one survivor, patrick ireland. >> there are a lot of challenges that went on in these weeks and months. i think the biggest aspect of it was just the love and support from the community. >> reporter: patrick ireland was 17 when he was shot. he became known as "the boy in the window." it took him three hours to get there. he crawled past dead classmates. despite gunshot wounds to his head and leg that left him partially paralyzed. >> there were a number of times where i was just passing in and out of consciousness and wondering, you know, what was going to happen next. if the gunmen would come back in. >> reporter: the library where he and other students were shot was torn down. ( applause ) four months passed before columbine students returned to their school. they turned it into a celebration. ireland was there. how important was that moment for you going back to that school? >> it was very important to be able to kind of regain control. it was almost symbolic of, hey, this is one of the ways i'm not going to let evil win. >> reporter: it was hard to trus
of attorney. i know, but -- he needed cash lots of it. the ireland bank of commerce was happy to lend it. using the pub as collateral? not just the pub. the house? and the golf course. the priest's house? in your father's house there were many mansions. yeah, thanks, john. madness. "quadruple your" so he thought. you know these internet companies that make millions overnight? he found one. borrowed up to his jaxie piled in and... struck out. oh, yes. ( tapping ) ( tapping ) oh, shoot. dermot, how could ya... without tellin' me first? what? nothin'. get in line. oonagh, i can't say what they'll do. if we don't own fitzgerald's anymore -- i understand that, but i'd say you asked. speculation, oonagh. he's dad's solicitor not the bank. he says -- he says fitzgerald's isn't living up to its potential. he sees the books. it's not a criticism of you. you and paul were doing as well as anyone could. but he says the bank may not see the pub as a... social service? ( sighs ) well, i think i know what you're going to say now, niamh, but let me go through the motion
today and they are thrilled. >> i flew from ireland to be here. and been practicing since for the competition. all the best casters in the world come here. my fellow countryman came in first place and james is on the current team and he is the head man. >> it's unique. will not see anything like it where you go to compete in the world. competitions in ireland, scotland, norway, japan, russia each year, the facilities here in the park are second to none. there is no complex in the world that can touch it. >> i'm here with bob, and he has kindly agreed to tell me everything i need to know about casting. i'm going to suit up and next, we're in the water. >> what any gentleman should do. golden gate angling has free lessons the second saturday of every month. we have equipment show up on the 9:30 on the second saturday of every month and we'll teach them to fly cast. >> ok. we are in the water. >> let me acquaint you with the fly rod. >> nice to meet you. >> this is the lower grip and the upper grip. this is a reel and a fly line. we are going to use the flex of this rod to fl
. she said the world had not yet learned enough from the financial crisis. >> ireland held a ceremony at dublin castle to mark the start of its presidency of the european union. the country has taken over the put -- the position from cyprus. ireland received an eu bailout two years ago. since then, it has won praise from brussels for its austerity measures. it is helping keep the cost of presidency down, budgeting for around 60 million euros. that is half of what was spent when the country last held the role in the 2004 -- in 2004. >> also on monday, in germany gave up its seat on the un security council after wrapping up the 2 -- two-year term as a nonmember. allies weremany's disappointed when the country abstained on a vote to authorize a no-fly zone over libya. among germany's achievements was an initiative which really -- which led to climate change being recognized as a threat to international peace and security. >> as tuesday began, people and many parts of the world celebrated start -- people in many parts of the world celebrated the start of the new year. australia had a fire
don knapp is at ireland's bar in san francisco, where the faithful are gathered. don? >> reporter: you know, anne, the irish faithful, but they are not watching football or soccer or anything like that. they are watching the 49ers! and of course with the game going as it is, they have good reason to cheer! [ cheers & applause ] >> reporter: they were groaning and cheering, as green bay scores first in the playoff game. fans here at ireland's are not faint at heart. >> it's been incredible, being here in the middle of all of this is exhilarating to watch. >> got off to a bad start today, huh? >> yes, yes, but it's very early. lot of time left. lot can happen. >> we came up from socal to watch the game. >> you could watch it down there, you know. >> no, we gotta be in san francisco, definitely. >> absolutely, gotta be in the crowd. >> you're in the crowd now. how does it feel? >> feels great. this is perfect! couldn't be better! >> go! >> reporter: a few more minutes and the niners had scored. the crowd warmed up. [ cheers & applause ] >> re
in tragedy. plus. [sirens] >> riots intensifying in the streets of northern ireland. it has to do with the decision to whether or not to fly a flag. we will explain. [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus presents the cold truth. i have the flu... i took theraflu, but i still have this cough. [ male announcer ] truth is theraflu doesn't treat your cough. what? [ male announcer ] it doesn't have a cough suppressant. great. [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus severe cold and flu fights your worst flu symptoms, plus that cough with a fast acting cough suppressant. [ sighs ] thanks!... [ male announcer ] you're welcome. that's the cold truth! [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus. ♪ oh what a relief it is! ♪ [ male announcer ] to learn more about the cold truth and save $1 visit alka-seltzer on facebook. >> a federal judge ruling a company is liable for those polluting over the border. dan springer explains. >> a court ruling over industrial pollution that came from this canadian shelter into the united states is threatening to expose american companies to canadian justice >> the wh
place in 2013. >> staying in germany, ireland has dismissed a report that it has ignored nuclear waste being stored abroad. environmental groups are up in arms about a new legislation currently under draft, which includes a clause that would allow the export of nuclear waste. the environmental minister says it is only been included to fall in with e.u. guidelines, but the opposition is not buying it. it is still not clear where it will be stored in germany. >> the german minister has a problem, he insists that nuclear waste will stay in germany, but the country has no permanent storage site. that is why the people want a law that will determine permanent storage before the elections. that is it. >> but critics point to a clause in the bill that does allow the storage of summer elective waste outside germany. the government says it has no intention of making use of the cause, but that has not reassured the opposition peter dolle -- the opposition. >> it is the fourth in the door. it is the intent to make a business for the nuclear industry. we have no control over security conditions ab
it is freezing. no one wants to come here. but let's get to destination you like as well. ireland. there are deals in ireland right now? why? is the weather there horrible as well? >> yeah. 2013 is the year of the gathering in ireland. it is cooler this time of year but even for summer travel we're seeing good bargains the gathering, anybody who thinks they have irish roots invited to visit ireland throughout the year. festivals, concerts. major events, many for free. a lot of value on the ground. we're seeing vacation providers specializing in travel usually to the caribbean putting together ireland packages. we'll see more competition and better pricing. >> alaska is obviously arctic for this time of year, but for the whole year this could be a good deal for a cruise to alaska. how come? >> it is all about availability. we'll see princess and celebrity put new ships on alaskan itineraries come may. more cabins to fill means lower prices. already we're seeing promotions seven night cruises round-trip from vancouver, 700, some cases under $500 per person. may through september bes
. nice to see you. >> thank you. >>> riots in the streets of northern ireland wi. we'll have the latest on the battle over the british flag. and messages from the pulpit regarding guns and religion are united. the deep divide in the wake of the sandy hook shootings. ♪ [ male announcer ] its lightweight construction makes it nimble... ♪ its road gripping performance makes it a cadillac. introducing the all-new cadillac xts. available with advanced all-wheel drive. [ engine revving ] it's bringing the future forward. aww man. [ male announcer ] returns are easy with free pickup from the u.s. postal service. we'll even drop off boxes if you need them. visit pay, print, and have it picked up for free. any time of year. ♪ nice sweater. thank you. ♪ the battle of bataan, 1942. [ all ] fort benning, georgia, in 1999. [ male announcer ] usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation because it offers a superior level of protection and because usaa's commitment to serve the military, veterans, and their families is without equal. begin your legacy. get an
've been a part of this time around? >> i met the t-shock i only word is the prime minister of ireland. what i thought was really interesting, he was very focused on business. he came here and his whole group is here to say we're open for business. we're focused on dis. you're in france and they're talking about bank compensation and cutting. they're very negative towards business. here was ireland completely, completely here, focused on trying to bring jobs in, to try to get his young people jobe. he was focused on building. i thought that was just refreshing. liz: you bought a business in ireland. you're doing business there, correct. >> correct we bought dole man securities. we will add hundreds of jobs. it is a friendly environment. great education. dublin is a great city. they will build themselves out. they have done a great job coming back from the bailout. the way they're doing it is focusing on jobs, jobs, jobs. liz: you're one of some 20, not many firms who have been granted the ability to do trading on behalf of the federal reserve and behalf of the government. if they were
years. clashes in the northern ireland capital of belfast continue. rocks and bombs were thrown at police who responded with water canyons -- water cannons. the process were against limiting the days been british flag flies outside city hall. there were more than 4000 people on board the costa cord ia when it crashed one year ago. many people are still coping with the trauma of what happened, especially with the wreckage serving as a painful reminder. >> one year from the disaster, the wreckage is still resting in the waters. on january 13, 2012, the cruise liner hit rocks after sailing too close to shore. it was a fatal mistake that the ship's crew told passengers to remain calm. as the ship listed more and more to one side, the 42 men to people started leaving their cabins to reach the would-4200 people started leaving their cabins -- 4200 people started leaving their cabins to reach lifeboats. >> the rescue boats were full. >> it took an hour after the collision for the first passengers to be brought to safety. not everyone were so lucky -- was so lucky. 32 people lost their
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